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Title: Here's 4,621 reasons to use Jiffy Articles to write your next article.

Description: If this is your first time hearing about Jiffy Articles,
then you need to know that it's a serious time-saving tool.

You use templates built into the system to give you an
outline of what to write about when creating content.
Having the ideas right in front of you immediately removes
writer's block and saves you mountains of time from having
to come up with new ideas on your own.

As of right now, Jiffy Articles has 4,621 templates
in 50 categories that you can use to spring-board into
writing your next article. That's a lot of good reasons
to use it!

There are even generic templates that cover a wide range
of topics, in case your current markets aren't represented.

The deadline for giving my world-class article template
system a free test run is fast approaching. It goes live
November 21st, at which point you'll have to pay to use it.

Until then you can get a free BETA testing account and
give it a try.

Don't believe ME when I say it will save you mountains of
time -- believe the USERS:


Wow! 500 words in 10 minutes!

Well, I wasn't expecting that. I can't believe how fast
this helps you write an article. Just by looking at the
software I didn't expect these results.

I banged out a 500 word article in 10 minutes.
Unbelievable! I am really amazed how well this works yet
is so simple at the same time.

No more struggling to find content to write about, it's all
right there in Jiffy Articles. I love how the template
questions get your brain to kick into overdrive.

You've definitely hit a home run with this one Jonathan.
This is going in the top drawer of my tool box for sure.

Jay Richards


Simply Brilliant!

At first I was skeptical about using Jiffy Articles, but
after using it for a few days I can say that this makes
the process of creating high quality unique articles a
piece of cake. With the added suggestions on each box you
can spit out articles quickly and easily every single time.

This is a must have tool for those who have a hard time
getting ideas for content. Heck even if you have no
problems writing articles this will make your time spent
writing content a breeze.

Two Thumbs up. A must have in your arsenal. You've done
it again Jon!

Mario Soto


A Revolutionary Tool For Writers!

I have been waiting for a tool like this for years! As a
seasoned article marketer I know how frustrating it can be
to continually have to come up with new ideas on the same
niche. Your article templates have actually taught me

Jiffy Articles is also excellent for those submitting to
the top article directories. The quality of the articles
vastly improves with this tool, as I have noticed already
with the article submissions to my directory. I will be
sharing this tool with all of my authors because it will
be key to their success as internet marketers and
something that they should definitely have in their arsenal.

The ease of use and simplicity of the whole interface is
impressive, as well as the ability to post directly to
your blogs. All in all, it saves you time in every way -
something that we all cherish in the internet marketing

Thanks again Jonathan, I can't wait to see how this tool
will revolutionize article marketing in the long term.

Kathryn Peters


Those are just a few of the testimonials that have been
sent in by users of Jiffy Articles. I've no doubt you'll
be adding yours soon.

Here's the link to get your free BETA account:

And here's to your success!

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